Inserting different double titles
  • Hi!!
    I'm not being able to:
    -insert different titles on different points of my project, what should I do to insert the same template of title in a different point?
    -insert titles on 2 lines (the 'return button' is not available and if I use the 'add text' button I'm not able to change the first written text anymore!)

    Thanks for help!
    Another thing, what about transitions? I haven't found them!!

    Cool app anyway, i found it really useful:)
  • Sorry for the very late reply. I've been away on location shooting a film.

    If you are in title mode and tap on an existing title it is copied the next time you place a title. You can put more than one title over the same shots.

    Transitions are there just go not that mode and you can apply dissolves, fades and certain wipes.


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