How to cancel a Dropbox upload
  • I see the "Tap and hold with two fingers to cancel export" but I must not "get" what that means because I have tried it all at this point. On a slow internet connection and it's attempting to upload a 500mb file (1hr long h.264 @ 640x360)
  • Thanks David for the report. I will examine to see if cancel export is behaving properly
  • I had a 5 hour upload to drop box which I also could not cancel, with the 2 finger gesture!
    I reported it elsewhere, where there was a mention of extra "buttons" being added because testers were having problems with gestures.
    It was suggested I do a reboot, memory problems?
  • It could be memory. The iPads memory is a bit fragile and we are pushing it. Apple has a built in kill if memory is overtaxed but you would have crashed in that case. Can you tell me which generation of iPad you are on and what is the storage?

    We'll get to the bottom of this quickly and put the fix in the next release which should be in the next two weeks.
  • Ipad 3rd Gen (last Oct just before 4th gen) (Wifi only) 64GB
  • Steve. We have verified the bug that is causing this and we will have it fixed for the next release.
  • hello mate I run on this forum searching for answers and believe me it took me 3 days to figure it out :) anyway because it give me hard time to find this solution i literally made an article for this one incase one of the management of dropbox would notice it . anyway here solution in how to stop or cancel upload in dropbox

    So, How to stop Dropbox upload in iphone or ipad

    Step 1. slide to the right the file you want to stop

    Step 2. you will see a trash can icon tap it

    you could also visit my website if incase you need a youtube tutorial in this

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